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oh baxter, you are my little gentleman. i'll take you to foggy london town, because you are my little gentleman!
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[25 Oct 2005|08:21pm]
[ mood | worried ]


to radiowaves__

its going to be friends only.
so comment and I'll consider adding you.
ONLY if you comment.

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[20 Oct 2005|12:28am]
[ mood | blank ]

I can't fall asleep or find my headphone things
so I guess I should update
if you don't want a rant then don't bother reading


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[19 Oct 2005|04:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'll make a real update later
today= ok
tonight going to Variety Show
with people
Cyril and his friend, Erica, Zack, and Erica's LITTLE brother Kevin and his friend ew.
I dont want Kevin and friend to come
read this
it's about the lead of Something Corporate


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[18 Oct 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I thought a lot today;
about this past year
and then I realized
I need to stop.
What happened this year happened, and I'm sick of dwindling on what I said, what I should have said, and all of that stuff.
I know I have said this so many times, but I mean it
I need a fresh start
and I'm ready to stop.
I'm ready to move on, from this stupid "omgz he never loved me!!!" thing.
because honestly, its stupid and I know that.
so Gabe, sorry for overreacting last night, and I really want to be good friends with you.

I'm going to start copying Sarah! woo.
in two things
1. the whole "What I'm thankful for"
I am thankful for kindergareteners today!
we got to do P.E. with them!
Coach Nelson- stand behind Erin
little boy - I had a friend name erin, but he was a boy!

2. I need a new livejournal [copying Sarah and Morgan]
so choose between these! I dont know if they're taken or not but oh well


and I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure...

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[17 Oct 2005|09:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I wish I was good enough for someone, anyone...
I wish I had someone that would hold me
while I cried
and kiss me, and whisper "I love you in my ear"
and this time,

Cyril's here.
highlight of the day.

I've got a wife. a group of people I consider my best friends, regardless of the fact that im just their good friend, it don't matter to me.
Friends > Boys always.

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[16 Oct 2005|01:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Last night was amazing
I went to Lo's house with Christy and Morgan.
At like 11 after we watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants we went outside with all these blankets and shit and talked for like 3 hours.
We talked about boys, and like a million other things
I really really loved it
there are so people who you can just talk to about everything, its such a good feeling to get everything off of your shoulders.

I love you guys =)

So my french exchange student, Cyril, sent us a picture.
he's not "hott" but he looks cool and I'm excited for him to come tommorrow

CyrilCollapse )

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[14 Oct 2005|11:59pm]
[ mood | good ]

I wish I knew more intelligent 13-14 year old boys.
ones I could date.

hook me up kids.

just kidding.

I'm watching The Notebook
I'm so cliche
but this movie makes me think
it makes me cry and smile
at the same time.

I love Nine Inch Nails more then life itself. kthnx

Nine Inch Nails lyricsCollapse )

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[14 Oct 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | So Bored. ]

I don't know where Lauren is
I don't know if anyone can come over
and I'm SO BORED.

someone save me.



how can I miss someone
when they just left for the weekend?
how stupid is that.
why do I have to have such strong feelings for him.

on a lighter note, Kim is coming over
she's bringing The Notebook and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
and Erin might come :)

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[12 Oct 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I got my hair highlighted
I'll post a picture this weekend if I find someone with a camera to take it for me
*cough* Becca or Christy or Lo *cough*

I feel weird.
I really miss the sixth grade.
stalking patrick
bye bye birdie
stalking Pete
..being a normal middle schooler.
not that I want to be the average middle schooler.
I don't know, I just miss being confident
and gooofy
don't get me wrong, I don't miss the country music
the immaturity
the OmGz ZZz I LOVE PATRICK!@#!@#$
I just miss liking kids my age
and stuff
I really really miss sixth grade. I met Patrick. The kid who makes school worthwhile
dammit I'm going to miss him if I go to public school next year
but I really want to go.

Yom Kippur is tommorrow, so here it goes
I've done a lot of fucked up shit this year
so sorry, to especially you Sarah Mintz.
I messed up a ton of things for you, and I love you dearly.
and to all those who I have hurt, or said cruel words to, I appologize
...well, to most of you.

This Weekend
anyone want to hang out
I think Patrick is coming over Friday
but I'm free Saturday

oh yeah and my highlights are like redish coppery and some like carmel blondish.
they look pretty good I guess

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[11 Oct 2005|09:26pm]
so chorus concert rocked
hung out with Lauren Erica and Justin
dkjsfhlaskdjfh I flirt too much.

OMG so my french exchange student is coming on monday.
for 2 weeks.
he's not "mine" he's my brothers
and he's 18
and he likes Muse and System of a Down
im excited.

he wrote us an email.

Letter from CyrilCollapse )
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[10 Oct 2005|09:12pm]
I'm everyones mistake.

I don't feel like writing an entry, sue me.

Comment and ...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST.
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[10 Oct 2005|07:12am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

uhm its 7:12
and im about to leave
but I got new icons
for a while
and i love them
1. Bright from Everwood [uhm i love that show]
2. Craig and Ellie [cuties on degrassi]
3. Conor Oberst [lead of bright eyes]

kk jake my brother is yelling at me to leave for school

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[09 Oct 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Friday Friday Friday
I don't even know
I went to the mall with Erica, Kristen, Keven, and Kristen's brother
we were cool kids :B
and then I went to melissas
and dressed up in a short jean skirt
snow boots
and a mesh black shirt with a tanktop underneat
I looked like dlkjflkdhsjfslut.
and then, we went to the place where all the cool kids go aka Chuck E Cheese
and we got Kim and her two french exchange students to come along.
oh god, madness, kissing, and other things went on [with me]
and I do not wish to explain any further details

Saturday I went to Mo's!~!
and Becca came over until seven thirty
and we had fun times
and all that goood stuff
JILLLLL :mustache:
oh goodness.
and I talked to Justin on the phone for a while
oh yeah, for those who don't know Justin is my friend who works at chuck e cheese and sdklfj;kdljfsdkfljstuff.

so today I'm procrastinating doing my homework
oh and check out my myspace I got a new layout :B

and I can't stop replaying what happened in my head.
please don't ask me about this.
I can't help the way I feel
and I don't want it to go away
I can't
there is so much going through my head about him....

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[06 Oct 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

List 10 things that bring you a moment of joy & tag six friends to do the same.

1. taking pictures
2. friends
3. cute boys
4. nerds
5. funny movies
6. stupid inside jokes that nobody ever understands
7. being held
8. poetry
9. clothes
10. music

I tag- anyone who wants to do it.

Today was nice. I hung out with Tyler a lot. which is cool.
I really want to go to chuck e cheese and see justin tommorrow
but I was going to go with Melissa and Kim and now they want to go to the Homecoming Football game
so I have no way to get there...

im not going to therapy anymore
that makes me sad
my therapist is the most awesome lady ever.

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[05 Oct 2005|07:30pm]
[ mood | CRACKING UP. ]

holy fucking shit


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[04 Oct 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I'm not in the mood for an update.
Oh well...
Today I had temple
I sat with Morgan, Erica W, and Leslee
and Jared sat infront of us squeezed between Leslee's mom and some random parents.
It was neat.
I messed up his watch.
After the 393097309 hours of temple I went home with Morgan.
That was cool, we walked and met Erica and Becca but Becca was taking too long so me and erica went and met up with Cat & Christy
we sat in the grass and were cool until Becca and Mo showed up and yelled at us because they didn't know where we were :)
Then some idiots called Cat a freak while she was leaving.
So we followed them for 15 minutes while I screamed at them and flicked them off saying things like
i'm sure they cried themselves to sleep.
Whatever, Providence high sucks.
and so does Providence Day.
why is everyone in this world so fake?
and all the amazing people bashed because they're different.

I don't know what I want anymore.
I mean, I like one boy.
I like him.
and he's in my grade.
so I should want to go out with him, shouldn't I?

but no...
I have to want what I know I can't have
he's too old.
it would never work out.
he likes some other girl
he won't tell me who because he doesn't trust me...


Tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away

Talking to myself all the way to the station
Pictures in my head of the final destination
All lined up
(all the ones that aren’t allowed to stay)
Tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away

Tried to save a place from the cuts and the scratches
Tried to overcome the complications and the catches
Nothing ever grows and the sun doesn’t shine all day
Tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away

Tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping away

-Into the Void - Nine inch nails...I love them a lot.

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[03 Oct 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]


today was ok. I got dumped by a guy I didn't like at all.
I hung out with Leah
She made me a dress thing and a shirt.
She is fucking amazing ♥

Lauren made me a sign for myspace
I like it!
and I posted pictures on there that are Beccasss.
it's really cool.
I miss having a relationship
and like knowing what to do.
now i'm just confused

I know who I like
I know who I...wish I could have, though.
and they are two different people

I'm so fucking cliche.

temple for forever tommorrow.
I hope I see my friends.

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[03 Oct 2005|04:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

new screen name = shottgunserenade

its neat

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[03 Oct 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | calm ]

im turning into a cliche onedayrelationship 13 year old girl.

somebody shoot me?

I dont even care at all though.

I like some one so much better then him.

she got a livejournal...
please add her

sorry i dont know how to do the clicky thing.

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[02 Oct 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Big Fish is the best movie!!
I'm watching it with Leah.
and she made me a beautiful shirt out of this old dress.
its long and blackish purplish with pink.
it has a gold corset thing also.

I'm wearing it to Cats.

which i'm going too.

& life is good.

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